Wild Blood Highly Compressed Download for free No Need to pay

Wild Blood

Hey guys! I’m back again with another game called Wild Blood. It’s a high ending game with mind blowing high graphics , high resolution with high ending game .This game is available on Play Store in Rupees 420  so you no need to purchase this game  through play store. this game contains 9 to 10 levels and all are interesting to play.This game size is all about 2.5 GB but I am providing this game in around 700 MB by compressing this game file. and also I am giving this game file in parts of around 350 MB so you can download this game easily with the limit of 1 GB of data it’s only for jio users because I know in India a lot of users are using jio so that’s why I compress this file and giving you in parts of 350 MB.This game requires 3 GB free space in your phone so be sure that your phone has 3 GB free space else you will be not able to install this game in your phone.


you need an Android phone with minimum 2 GB of RAM so that this game perfectly Run in your device.

Game Files

  1. Zarchiver – http://yoineer.com/2HsA

  2. Wild Blood Game apk File - http://yoineer.com/2L2N

  3. Wild Blood Game File Part 1 - http://yoineer.com/2L4i

  4. Wild Blood Game File Part 2 – http://yoineer.com/2LBQ

How to Download and Install this Game

  1. When you download these four files then install Zarchiver and open it.

  2. Then open that folder in ZArchiver where you downloaded these four files.

  3. Then click on Wild Blood part zip001 like that file and extract that file.

  4. Whenever you extract Zip001 file it will ask for a password.

  5. Password is TAG WILDBLOOD

  6. Zip001 and Zip002 files are interconnected with each other it means without Zip002 file extraction is not possible and vice versa.

  7. when Zip001 file is extracted then you will see a new file with a file extension of  7z.

  8. you have to extract this 7z file.

  9. when 7z file is extracted then you will see a folder.

  10. Cut/Move that folder and paste it into your Device Memory/Android/Obb paste.

  11. Now open your game with an internet connection so that the game files verify at this stage 3 to 5 min can be taken by the game.So don't worry.

  12. whenever your game is working fine and normally then close your data connection.

  13. that's all now you can run your game normally.

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